Squall – 006: Build Log 3

Another day goes by and I am closer to finishing the ultimate weapon of love. I have planed the body blank square and god damn is it looking nice! The planer leveled out the newb glue job I did and reveals quite a nice piece!

This is progress! However, the hardest part of this is now in process:

As you can see here. I am sawing the cherry plank to be used as a “cap” on top of the body blank. This will look very nice. However, this is a VERY arduous process and quite taxing on my saw arm. Thank god for the Ryoba Saw!

There is still a lot of work to do, I still need to extend the width of the body at least another inch. I have prepared some lacewood, mahogany, and purple heart for this task depending on how my inspiration strikes me! As always, there will be more build updates coming, feel free to check up on us here and on reddit: /u/p47guitars

As always,

Drive slow, drink milk.

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