Purple Reign!

You know that feeling when you’ve re-done something 3-4 times because you were not happy with the original result? Well that’s what’s going on here. I started this build awhile ago, wasn’t exactly happy with the first whack at the finish and build. So like a good junior luthier, I stripped it down and tried a few different things. Enter: Purple Reign

First – I thought I would want to try out TruOil on this “Purple Reign” build – a lot of dudes are crazy about it. SO… armed with Rit Dye and a bunch of TruOil, and nerd rage – I went to town on the guitar. I was pretty happy at first and then realized a few issues were popping up with the original fit and finish of the guitar. I really love the look of this paulownia dyed purple but I felt I could do better!

Purple Reign MK1

I really liked the look of using the older EZO logo I made with a hand chiseled epoxy pour. Purple Reigns finish is royal and regal AF. I really dig where I started with all this.

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