Squall – 006: Build Log 1


Here we are halfway through summer. The sun is shining, the air is hot! Great for lacquer! (except the humid days…)


I thought It was going to be high time that I start showcasing what’s in production. Here’s the official from scratch build log of Squall – 006. For those that don’t know, 006 signifies that this is the 6th guitar produced by us and the first to be made completely from scratch.

Squall – is our double cutaway modeled after that iconic guitar made in “the way back when times”. We’re inspired by this classic, and we’re going to build something fresh and very purple.

Purple heart black walnut Neck blank for strat like guitar 3x3 headstock

As you can see here with this neck thinger, I am using purple heart and black walnut. I sourced this wood from our friends over at The Tree House (thanks dudes!). I plan on doing a Walnut / Purple Heart body, with a little mahogany to spice it up, plus a figured cherry top.

Here’s a test stain of how that cherry top / cap might look:

Figured Cherry Stained Purple and Blue with Lacquer finish test piece for guitar top / cap

The real jaw dropper is this Zircote – this will be the fretboard of this wonderful guitar:

Zircote Fretboard in progress for guitar

So, are you impressed? Horrified? Intrigued? There is much work to be done and more post updates will be coming! Check back here every so often! I can’t wait to start the body blank!

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