Great Guitar Build Off 2021

I am competing in the #GGBO2021!  We’re going full on Vermonty with this one – and it’s for a great cause.

What is the Great Guitar Build Off?

‘The Great Guitar Build Off is to help less fortunate guitar builders with free or subsidised tools, Guitar Kits or even Luthiery Courses. Any money left in the GGBO accounts from the competition will go towards this goal. Crimson Guitars will not profit from these donations and will only charge GGBO the cost price of anything to be donated.’

While the competition it’s self has it’s own charitable thing going on – I decided that I should use my build to help domestic abuse survivors in Vermont.  I really believe in the organization I have engaged with, and I’ll be posting more about them soon!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the specs of the upcoming build:

  • 100% Vermont Maple Body and Neck
  • Black Hardware
  • TUSQ Nut

I will be accepting donations to help fund / cover the cost of the build. If you would like to help me with this. feel free to visit my paypal link:

Also check out our announcement of things happening here from our Youtube Channel.

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