Squall – 006: Build Log 2


It’s been a fun day of sawing wood, planing wood, and removing splinters from my freakin’ hands. I first started the process of today’s guitar building activities with cutting some walnut down to size for the body blank. After that, I sawed it in half to produce two pieces of well planed and squared wood planks to join with the assortment of wood I have had laying around. Originally, I was going to use a giant piece of mahogany as the neck, but as you saw in the last post things changed. I opted to follow the tradition I started with the neck using a singular strip of purple heart going down the center jointed with walnut… WELL I also had all this incredible mahogany lying around as mentioned earlier, so I sawed some strips off and started planing like a mofo!

Then… I noticed I was a little short on width of the body (‘measure, measure, cut’ -Ben Crow) and well, I grabbed some cherry scraps and turned them into the sides for the body blank.

Here’s the glued result:

A lot of are you are like – Mike, WTF is that!? Well, its still peculating… So Tomorrow, you will see the ‘end result’ ™, and It will be lovely! Gluing a body or neck blank isn’t always a pretty sight at first; but given enough post clamp planing / sanding – it will look marvelous. Thank you Bob for giving me that bench top planer. 

All I will say for now is – keep watching. Great things are happening! 

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